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By combining automotive-quality materials with dynamic power options and sleek designs, a personal golf cart is transportation unlike any other. Whether you鈥檙e driving to the neighborhood pool, going to your favorite restaurant, or cruising to the local gym, we have an array of options to fit your style. And customization is available if you鈥檙e looking to add a more distinct touch.
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What makes an LSV/NEV different from a golf cart?

Though they may look similar, the main differences between a golf cart and a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV)/Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) are speed and safety features. The maximum speed a golf cart can go is 19mph. LSVs/NEVs must be able to go 25mph or more and are street legal in most communities on roads with posted speed limits of 35mph or less. And because they are street legal, LSVs have headlights, seat belts, turn signals, mirrors, and even a VIN number.

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As the preferred distributor of Club Car in 91porn原创, we are exceptionally proud to offer carts and vehicles that embody the highest standards of quality and design in the industry. To learn more about the benefits and superior performance of Club Car, click here.

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