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For nearly 25 years, GEM electric vehicles have been leading the low-speed EV revolution. Safe, sustainable, stylish, and cost-efficient, GEMs are made to fit your lifestyle and move your organization into the future. Whether that means driving your kids to school safely and in style, delivering a microtransit solution for urban cities looking to cut costs & emissions, or building a quiet maintenance vehicle fleet to keep your properties looking pristine, we promise to get you there and provide an unforgettable ride along the way.

As one of the few GEM golf car dealers in 91porn原创, we will provide excellent service and the faster response times than any of our competitors.

Introducing the 2024 GEM Electric Low-Speed Vehicle!

With more than 30 EV enhancements and new options, you can turn ordinary trips into something more. Redefine your drive with GEM electric low speed vehicles.

Experience the kind of smooth, enjoyable ride you鈥檇 expect from modern electric vehicles with features that include hill control, one-pedal driving and automotive acceleration.

All four 2024 GEM models provide ultimate comfort and style with a more refined featuring new colors, badging and accessories.

– GEMCar.com

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GEM Electric Vehicle. Gem E2

GEM e2

鈥淲ith its nimble performance and small footprint, the GEM e2 is the perfect small electric car for quick trips, light cargo and tight parking.

It has two seats, goes up to 97 miles on one charge, is 103″ in length and 55.5″ wide.”

*GEM model, battery, payload and terrain will impact range

– GEMCar.com

GEM Electric Vehicle. Gem E4

GEM e4

鈥淲ith superior comfort and safety features, four forward-facing high-back seats, 3-point safety belts and plenty of legroom鈥攖he GEM e4 is a highly versatile street-legal electric car, not a golf cart.

It has four seats, goes up to 91 miles on one charge, is 135鈥 in length and 55.5鈥 wide.鈥

– GEMCar.com

GEM Electric Vehicle. Gem E6

GEM e6

鈥淲ith enhanced safety and comfortable seating for six, the GEM e6 is in an EV shuttle class of its own.

It has six seats, goes up to 67 miles on one charge, is 167鈥 in length and 55.5鈥 wide.鈥

– GEMCar.com

GEM Electric Vehicle. Gem eL XD


鈥淲ith its sturdy build, generous ground clearance and 1,400-lb payload capacity, the GEM eL XD electric truck is a workhorse. Customize your utility truck bed and rear carrier to fit the unique demands of your business.

It has two seats, the payload capacity is 1,415 lbs, goes up to 67 miles on one charge, and it has 22 rear options.鈥

– GEMCar.com